The Process of Buying Home in Phoenix AZ

Information and The Process of Buying Home in Phoenix AZ

Buying a house that called home may be one of the largest investment decision you ever make. Our real estate business is based on the principles of providing our clients with integrity and knowledge so that they can make informed decisions throughout the buying processes. Below are some of the processes of buying a home from Thinking to Closing and Owning a place you can called home.

The Process of Buying Home in Phoenix AZ

Thinking of Buying a Home
You are Only 8 Steps Away From Buying House in Phoenix AZ
Avoid These 5 First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes when Buying Home
What is Buyer Agent?
What is a contingency when buying a home?
Should You Skip the Home Inspection for a Better Deal?
Should I Sell My House Before Buying New One?
What You Must Know About Insurance When Buying a Home?
Buying Home in Gilbert? Make sure you get Home Warranty
Down Assistance Payment Program for Buying House in Phoenix AZ
What is Closing Cost when buying a home?
What is Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)?
What’s the difference between CMA and Appraisal?
What’s the difference between Buyer Agent and Listing Agent?
How does Real Estate Agent get paid?
What is earnest money when buying home in Phoenix AZ?
Flow Chart of Real Estate Transaction in Arizona
What is Realtor Fiduciary Responsibility?
What is Escrow Account when buying home?
What is Seller Paid Closing Cost?
Why you should get an inspection?
Making offer when buying a home in Arizona
Buying REO Homes Phoenix AZ
What is Due Diligence when Buying a Home in Phoenix AZ?
What is an Appraisal when buying a house in Phoenix AZ?
What is Title Insurance?
What’s Included When You Buy A House in Phoenix Arizona?
Responsibility and Parties Involved in Real Estate Transaction in Arizona
4 Things to Look for When Buying a Fixer Upper
Financial mistakes when buying your home in Arizona
A Buyer’s Guide to Open House: Dos and don’ts when visiting open house
Should You Buy A House with Solar Panels Already Installed?
What is the Timeline when Buying a Home in Phoenix AZ?
Getting ready for buying your first house in Phoenix AZ
Why My Mortgage Has Increased?
What is the difference between Home Inspection and Appraisal?
Buying a Home with Great Resale Value

Financing and Mortgage
How much I can afford buying a home?
How Important Is Your Down Payment on a Home?
The 6 Steps to Securing a Home Loan
What is Debt to Income Ratio?
What is Good Faith Estimate?
The value of being Pre-Approved when buying home
Do Not Apply For Credit Before Close of Escrow
Use Money from Uncle Sam as Down Payment for House
How to Buy a House with Low Down Payment?
What is Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPB?
What is the difference between a mortgage banker and a mortgage broker?
What is the difference between Mortgage Pre-Qualification & Pre-Approval when Buying a Home?
Buying a House with FHA Loan in Phoenix AZ
FHA Loan vs Conventional Loan Which Mortgage is right for you when buying a home in Phoenix AZ?
How rising interest rates will impact housing affordability?
ARM vs Fixed Rate Which Mortgage Is Better When Buying Home in Phoenix AZ?
Closing Cost Who Pays What When Buying or Selling Home in Phoenix Arizona?
U.S. 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Since 1971
Mortgage Calculator

What Escrow means when buying home?
Infographic: Life of Escrow When Buying or Selling House in Arizona
Ways to take Title when Buying home in AZ

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